Monday, December 27, 2021

Transitioning from 2021 to 2022

 Pandemic...COVID Variants! Cancel Culture. Yes, call out those who abuse the privilege of having beautiful sex with another by intrusively disrespecting the victimized. See sonething; tell something! I am not so sure about this one anymore. Too many unjusts reactions instead of the intentional HELP pretensed. Dating v Love after 50? Esp with a successfully reared, independent, honest, female, indigo child. Trust me, if you cannot afford to be called out; do not be such a good teacher, guide!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

So What? My feelings are hurt!

    Yes, My feelings are up and down; I am not alone. I can just voice it. Or not say a thing and go inward to see why they hurt then what I am going to do to change it. 

   A few tough blows from the closest earthlings I deal with daily. If I don't care than I am not feeling. Too many years of not feeling. So, I definitely do not go to others not until I reinforce my armour; just in case the Universe has many lesspns for me and I only want to love in people's presence.

   That's it. Look inside. Visit my God. My spirit guide. Enjoy my spiritual self and just isolate the physical part of me. "This too shall pass! What goes around comes around!" These are good mantras ... just as I write this; interrupted by rude,  disrespectful teen. I adore and love yet, they assume I have nothing important going on. Get to know my thinking, heart and actions. ALL is with LOVE!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Life is just like a rose; La vida es como la rosa!

 Life is full of many layers. Silkie, crepé paper, smooth, rough, beautiful, not so beautiful. A rose is parallel. How we perceive the differences in life is how we perceive the rose.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Lies or Changes/Menteras o Cambias

You say I lied. It was insignificant so you did not say anything. One day I said one thing another day something else. Thank you for agreeing to confront me if I do lie. 

Please, please I do not believe there are reasons for lying. No need at all. I've searched my soul, no need to lie. I've searched my actions, again no need to lie.

So, I lied to you? What is it you want to tell me? I am really messed up over this one. Please, please promise to tell me if this ever happens again. I do not want to lie. We have nothing if our relationship is lies.


Dices que mentí.  Fue insignificante por lo que no dijiste nada.  Un día dije una cosa, otro día otra cosa.  Gracias por aceptar confrontarme si miento.

 Por favor, por favor, no creo que haya motivos para mentir.  No es necesario en absoluto.  He buscado en mi alma, no hay necesidad de mentir.  He buscado mis acciones, de nuevo no hay necesidad de mentir.

Entonces, ¿te mentí?  ¿Qué es lo que quieres decirme?  Realmente estoy arruinado por esto.  Por favor, prometa decirme si esto vuelve a suceder.  No quiero mentir  No tenemos nada si nuestra relación es mentira.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Options, cheating, or ability to make decisions in our lives

 So, you are an open person. Love everyone. Like a few. 3 people step forward as wanting to see if we are capatible as significant others. The two just put a claim on you. Yhe third wants to pur has enough discipline to show logic of the reality whether or not compatible, the other ius shows his interest to be you and him as significant others. Which would appeal to you more? 

For me, I like the posession of being in a relationship; even more so, the logic of waiting to try out the compatibiliry issues. More suspense? Yea! But the chemistry, love, ability to work and grow together is far more healthier for the both of us.

Its a no brainer. The Libra wins.

Thanks for the vent.

If you have any comments, similar situations, please leave it here. No names necessary. The stories are what keep us growing and thinking.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Alone or lonelines; solo o soledad

From a pandemic quarantine to a city-wide curfew and national guards, to a beautiful sunny day and not one person to go do something with. I am taking it as God telling me to communicate more in the spirit. Was able to have a 14 year old birthday party last week, lost a family friend, to dinner at what used ti be my favorite seafood clash, mom's 82nd birthday. Her, my daughter (gma's bnb twin, and me ride up and down the highway). Sparked the idea of a day trip ... well, it happened for them but here I am netflixing and napping with the critters and myself. So, here I am, on the verge of having to deal with loneliness or getting productive. I got it! A small nap, then up to work.

Desde una cuarentena pandémica hasta un toque de queda en toda la ciudad y guardias nacionales, hasta un hermoso día soleado y ninguna persona con quien ir a hacer algo. Lo estoy tomando como Dios diciéndome que me comunique más en el espíritu. La semana pasada pude celebrar una fiesta de cumpleaños de 14 años, perdí a un amigo de la familia y cené en lo que solía ser mi choque favorito de mariscos, el 82 cumpleaños de mi madre. Ella, mi hija (la gemela bnb de gma y yo subimos y bajamos por la carretera). Desencadenó la idea de un viaje de un día ... bueno, sucedió para ellos, pero aquí estoy haciendo netflix y durmiendo la siesta con los bichos y yo. Entonces, aquí estoy, a punto de tener que lidiar con la soledad o ser productivo. ¡Lo tengo! Una pequeña siesta, luego hasta el trabajo.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

In Resting I Find Accomplishments

It never fails, when I say I am resting, I start to piddle and paddle. I go down my To Do Lists. I find myself playing, "catch up." Then eventually its called, "Ahead!"

Yes, actually I am ahead for the week so I can take paying work. Bamm! Accomplished work and chores, while resting and relaxing. It can not get any better than that.

Frame of thought? Distressed,  maybe? Comfortable v overwhelmness? Makes a huge difference.

I meet my goals. I help myself through helping others. I make money to make life a bit more comfortable. Credit card bills, paying too much interests. There has got to be away to stop this cycle before it even starts.

Research loop holes in laws, amendments, etc. Not only for me; yet for others I care about.

Bring GS Cookie Sales to end and GS Yearly Financials before hand. On and on, I could go. NOT! I choose to focus on things I can do.

New to MOI- Expanding Languages to French and Portuguese.  Wonderful, romantic languages.

Love, love, love!
Mama Gee